Baltimore Key Bridge collapse news and rescue efforts

Three Mexican nationals were among those on the Francis Scott Key Bridge when it collapsed Tuesday, Mexico’s president said Wednesday morning.

One of those individuals was rescued and is alive, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said, describing him as “injured” but “safe.”

Two are still missing, he added, saying that his administration is in touch with those families, who are being assisted by diplomatic officials. 

López Obrador stressed that migrants often work jobs at midnight and do “risky work,” adding “they do not deserve to be treated, as they often are, by some irresponsible politicians and with little sensibility in the United States.”

López Obrador’s administration is aware of other missing people, including those he believed to be brothers from Central America, he said.

Acknowledging the difficulty of the situation, López Obrador said his office would remain in contact with family members.

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