Come On, Guys, Let Emma Stone on the Real ‘Jeopardy!’

Emma Stone has an Oscar, a BAFTA, and, as of Sunday, a second Golden Globe. But there’s one title that still eludes her: Jeopardy! champion. In a recent interview with Variety, the Poor Things star shared that she’s obsessed with the trivia contest and that she would love to compete on the series: “I apply every June.”

Stone shared her affection for one of America’s favorite game shows while appearing as a guest on the January 11 episode of Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast. “I watch it every single night, and I mark down how many answers I get right,” she said. “I swear, I could go on Jeopardy!

Before you suggest that Stone go on Celebrity Jeopardy!, you should know that she has no interest: “I don’t want to go on Celebrity Jeopardy!,” said Stone. “I want to earn my stripes.” And Stone has tried her darndest to do so. “You can only take the test once a year with your email address, and I’ve never gotten on the show,” she said. It’s crazy that the Jeopardy! producers saw in their inboxes and didn’t immediately roll out the red carpet. 

Stone is right to refuse to be on Celebrity Jeopardy! At least since Saturday Night Live first spoofed it in the early ’90s, everyone worth their salt has known that Celebrity Jeopardy! is one of the easiest of all the many versions of Jeopardy!—National College Championship, Teen Tournament, Second Chance, and so on. If a celebrity is willing to potentially be humiliated on national television by going on the real Jeopardy! and facing true brainiacs, they should be allowed to. Let Stone play with the big dogs! We want to see what she knows about geography, ancient history, and 11-letter words. Stone facing off against 40-consecutive-game Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider would make for unmissable television. 

On that note, if you have won Celebrity Jeopardy! you should be required by law to play in regular Jeopardy! to see how you measure up against normal, nonfamous smart people. So, Brendan Hunt, Ike Barinholtz, and Patton Oswalt: It’s time to hit the books. Ken Jennings is waiting. 

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