Court records show Tyreek Hill petition for dissolution of marriage

An unexpected kerfuffle emerged on Tuesday, when multiple publications reported that Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill has filed a petition for divorce and Hill disputed it on social media. If Hill has a beef, it’s with the Circuit Clerk of Broward County, Florida.

The website, which can be easily searched, shows that Hill filed a petition for dissolution of marriage on Monday. It shows that Gary F. Cellitti, Jr. is the lawyer representing Hill.

It shows that a summons was issued to La Keeta Jo Ann Vaccaro on Tuesday.

That’s possibly why Hill disputed the filing. The summons hadn’t been served yet on his wife.

It’s also possible that Hill will dismiss the petition. Plenty of people file for divorce before un-filing for it. Regardless, it wasn’t a lie. It wasn’t fake news. Hill filed for divorce on Monday.

And as to the question of why it’s worthy of coverage here, we make those decisions on a case-by-case basis. For most players, it’s not relevant. For some, like Tom Brady, it becomes fair game when the marriage becomes intertwined with the player’s football fame and platforms.

As to Hill, his marriage was one of the storylines in Hard Knocks. She regularly appeared on TV during games. Also, Hill said he returned to a Monday night game against the Titans with an injury because his wife told him during halftime to “get your ass back in there.”

Hill is one of the highest-profile players in the NFL. He voluntarily injected his recent marriage into his narrative. As we’ve said before, celebrities can’t have attention on their own terms. If you say, “Hey! Look at me!” in one breath, you can’t say, “What are you looking at?” in the next.

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