Creating Home-Away-From-Home Magic as a Houseman at Disneyland Resort

“Assisting a guest in a wheelchair turned into an opportunity to brighten her day. We decorated her room together for her best friend’s birthday, and amid the decorations and laughter, she shared her inspiring story of resilience in the face of adversity. Her spirit rekindled my passion as a Disneyland cast member.”

Joining the team in December 2017, Martin embraced his role as a Houseman, supporting Room Attendants and engaging in various projects. In 2022, as he celebrated his fifth year of service, he began to pursue a passion for training new cast members.

“I am having so much fun welcoming our new cast to our Disney family. I became a Houseperson Trainer where I implement the Five Keys to our new cast members, which is exciting to see where I can welcome them to the Housekeeping team or another nearby department.”

Balancing personal aspirations with professional growth, Martin harbors dreams of management roles. However, his experience at Disney has broadened his horizons, presenting diverse opportunities beyond conventional managerial paths. Describing the work environment as cohesive, Martin values the culture of appreciation fostered by managers and the collective positivity among the team.

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