“Crickets” from Bengals as to Joe Flacco, for now

Joe Flacco is a former Super Bowl MVP. Twice, he was the highest-paid player in all of football.

Currently, he can’t get a roster spot.

On Friday, Flacco got a workout with the Browns, who lost starter Deshaun Watson for the season five days earlier. Also on Friday, the Bengals announced that Joe Burrow will be out for the rest of the year.

So far, the Bengals have shown no interest in Flacco.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it has been “crickets” from Cincinnati for Flacco.

Flacco is the one name that doesn’t get mentioned as much as it should when teams consider backup quarterbacks. He’s the rare former franchise quarterback who has willingly grabbed a clipboard and accepted the role of backup.

What other quarterback who was once the highest paid player in the league would voluntary accept such a position? First, it’s a huge blow to the ego. Second, there’s no reason to make another year of backup-quarterback money after making so much for multiple season.

Flacco apparently still loves the game. He doesn’t need to play. He wants to play. It’s odd that he can’t get a roster spot.

It’s another example of how too many teams simply don’t value the backup-quarterback position the way they should. They’re content to move forward with the players they have, even if someone better might be out there.

The Browns decided, based on Friday’s workout, that they won’t be signing Flacco for now. Shouldn’t every team that has a need at quarterback (and there are plenty) be at least bringing him in for an in-person tire kicking?

There’s still a long way to go in the 2023 season, and plenty of quarterbacks already have been injured. Don’t be shocked if his phone eventually rings, not just with a request for a tryout but with an invitation to join the team.

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