Detroit Lions season ticket holder for six decades excited for playoff victory

(CBS DETROIT) – It’s amazing that we’ve got this far,” said Benjamin Capp. 

Capp has been a Detroit Lions season ticket holder for more than six decades. After 40 years, he was given a special Lions jacket in honor of the achievement. 

Capp said he’s been waiting a long time to see a Lions team this good, and so have lots of other fans he’s met over the years. 

“It was extremely emotional to begin with, I did try to hold back tears. There were a lot of people that were crying,” Capp said. 

There were tears of joy, of course, after the Lions defeated the Los Angeles Rams for their first home playoff win in more than 30 years. 

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During the game, Capp said the crowd was like nothing he’s experienced over the past 66 years as a season ticket holder. 

“Of course, it was the loudest that I’ve heard over the years. For the Vikings game was very loud but not like it last night,” Capp said. 

It was a special night for fans Sunday night, but for Capp, it was special for more reasons than the Lions’ victory. 

“Well, it was a very emotional for me because I was with my son and two grandsons, and we’ve been together before, but for that particular game, they were very excited and emotional as well, for the win for the for what the Lions accomplished,  it was like there’s a lot of love in the stadium,” Capp said. 

There is certainly lots of love in the city of Detroit for this Lions playoff team, which, by the way, Capp said is definitely not: “One hundred percent it’s not the same ole Lions.”

Capp said he will definitely be in attendance for the next home playoff game this Sunday at Ford Field. 

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