Erie County under travel ban due to severe weather

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WCAX) – Part of Erie county is still under a travel ban this morning as severe winter weather batters the western part of the state.

In a press conference yesterday, Governor Kathy Hochul told residents to stay off the roads as the area undergoes what she called a ‘triple threat of cold temps and high winds on top of the snow.’

She said that the forecast has underestimated the storms strength, and what was expected to be only 1 to three inches an hour is now closer to 5 or 6. According to Governor Hochul, Jefferson County also got lake effect snow, anticipating another foot of accumulation last night.

“We’re trying to be targeted in our approach opening up some of the communities that are not as affected, but being very conscientious about the fact that there are still many high impact towns that are being affected at this very moment, and it is too dangerous to lift the bans at those times, or on the New York State Thruway overall,” she said.

Hochul urged people to respect the travel bans where they are in place, saying the state is only implementing them where absolutely necessary.

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