Jeremy Allen White’s couch from the Calvin Klein ad is on Facebook Marketplace for free

Act fast — you could be the owner of the couch that grounded the latest Calvin Klein ad fans can’t stop talking about.

The red corduroy couch that a nearly naked Jeremy Allen White reclined on was listed on Facebook Marketplace Thursday evening— and it’s allegedly free for the right buyer.

“Guess what? I’ve got the hottest seat in town,” the listing reads.

The Bear star’s underwear campaign with the fashion mogul premiered last week and essentially stopped traffic and made single people want to join culinary school in a unique way only thirst traps can.

White’s chiseled physique lounging in just his Calvins on a couch perched atop a New York rooftop sparked hundreds of thousands of likes, memes, Golden Globe discourse, and even a parody ad from Away Luggage featuring a roller bag sporting a pair of underwear.

Kate Krupta didn’t go into details in her Marketplace listing regarding how the couch came into her possession. She said her husband — who works for an unspecified agency — suggested listing it on Facebook. She also doesn’t specify how she will select who gets to take the couch if there are multiple (free?) bidders. The only stipulation is they have to pick it up in New York.

The Inquirer reached out to Krupta for comment but has not heard back yet.

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