Lakers 116 – 127 Clippers summary, stats, and scores | NBA

How the West will be won

After the Lakers last game, they are now back to .500 at 22-22. That’s right around where they have been all season, and LeBron and the rest of LA know that is not going to cut it. The regular season is long, and maybe the Lakers don’t need to be on every night competing for a one seed, but they certainly don’t want to have to go through another Play-In game and at the moment that’s exactly where they would land. The Clippers are climbing up the standings, sitting just two games behind the Timberwolves at 27-14. The Thunder and the Nuggets a nested in between the 1 seed T’Wolves and the 4 seed Clippers, both a half game back of the conference leaders. We are more than halfway through the NBA season, os it’s never too early to start thinking about playoff seeding. 

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