Marvin Harrison Jr. on whether he’ll enter draft: “I don’t know”

Ohio State receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. is eligible to enter the 2024 draft. After Saturday’s loss at Michigan, he shed no light on his future.

I don’t know,” Harrison said as to whether he’d leave for the NFL, via Chandler Vessels of “I don’t have an answer for you just yet. Not a conversation to be had. It’s just family. The coaches, teammates. I don’t have an answer for you yet.”

Most expect Harrison to go. The only real question is whether he’ll play in a bowl game if the Buckeyes don’t qualify for the playoffs. More and more players who are headed for the draft have punted on non-playoff postseason games. Fans and media have warmed up to the idea that, once the hay is in the barn for a pro career, the player shouldn’t risk burning it all down by playing one more meaningless games.

It was clear in his first year with Ohio State that Harrison was ready for the NFL. His ship is coming in. It’s time to climb aboard and sail away to Big Shield.

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