Netflix is Up 12% Post Results, But NFLX Stock Is Worth More Based on Its Huge FCF

Netflix (NFLX) stock is surging today, up over 12% to $552.63 after its fantastic Q4 2023 results. But NFLX stock is still worth considerably more, as much as $625 or more. This is based on its powerful free cash flow (FCF) over the next 12 months.

I highlighted the company’s massive FCF in my past two Barchart articles, including this one on Jan. 7, “Netflix Stock Is Down, But It Could Still Be Worth 35% More at $640 Per Share,” and this article on Dec. 12, 2023.

As it turns out Netflix reported yesterday that its FCF hit $1.663 billion for Q4 and $6.925 billion during all of 2023. That works out to 20.5% of its total $33.725 billion in total revenue for 2023.

Netflix Q4 2023 results – Free Cash Flow

Free Cash Flow Could Surge

This can only improve over the coming year. For example, in Q1 alone the company projects its revenue will rise 4% sequentially in the next quarter. At that pace, the company’s revenue could be over 16% higher in the next year. 

In fact, analysts now project that 2023 revenue will be $38.25 billion in 2023 and $42.60 billion in 2025. So, sometime over the next year or thereafter Netflix could be on a run-rate to hit $40 billion in revenue.

That means sales could be 18.6% higher on a run-rate basis, and implies that FCF could reach $8.21 billion (i.e., $6.925b x 1.186). That assumes that its FCF margin stays flat at 20.5%. 

It’s likely to rise over time from here, given that a huge portion of revenue is coming from new memberships that previously were shared. In addition, ad revenue is also set to grow exponentially. As a result, the cost of acquisitions and new add revenue come with lower expenses, leading to higher FCF.

This $8.2 billion FCF estimate has huge implications for NFLX stock.

Target Price Could Be $637 or More Based on FCF

For example, using a 3.0% FCF yield metric, the stock could rise substantially from here. This is seen by dividing the $8.21 billion FCF estimate by 3.0% (i.e., $8.21b / 0.03 = $273.7 billion). That is also the same as multiplying it by 33.33 (i.e., the inverse of 3.0% is 33.33x).

The reason that we use a 3.0% metric is because this is the likely dividend yield the stock would achieve if the company were to pay out 100% of its FCF as a dividend. Moreover, this is close to its existing FCF yield (i.e., $6.925b/$215.4 billion market cap = 3.2%).

In other words, NFLX stock could be worth 27% more (i.e., $273.7b/$215.4b) than its price yesterday ($492.19 per share). That puts the price target at $625.08 per share. 

This is still 13% higher than its price in morning trading today ($552.63).

It also means analysts will likely increase their price targets. For example, before the results released yesterday, the average price target of 42 analysts surveyed by, a new sell-side analyst tracking service, was $520.08. Expect to see those target prices increase significantly over the next week or so.

The bottom line is that the company’s powerful FCF could lead to a significantly higher price for NFLX stock.

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