NFL analyst Rex Ryan rips into Chargers’ Brandon Staley

If you’re a Chargers fan, you’re most likely not happy with head coach Brandon Staley following the loss to the Packers on Sunday. But the pack of frustrated people goes beyond the fanbase.

Numerous national pundits voiced their opinions regarding Staley but no one had more harsh remarks than former head coach and current ESPN analyst Rex Ryan, suggesting Staley go back to coaching Division III football.

What do I think of that? I think he should go back to Division III football where he belongs,” Ryan said on ESPN’s Get Up.

Los Angeles falling to Green Bay was the latest game where they lost by three or fewer points.

While this loss could fall on the multiple dropped passes or Austin Ekeler’s fumble near the goal line, Staley’s defense again failed to deliver, as they allowed Jordan Love to throw for over 300 yards for the first time in his career.

Staley’s defense now ranks 31st in total defense despite being touted as a defensive guru.

“Look, this guy. Look at his resume, man. I mean, I’m sorry. He spent one year coordinating a team that my wife could coach with Aaron Donald and all those guys,” Ryan added.

“Stop it. And trust me, she’d do a hell of a lot better job than this guy’s doing with his defense. They’re the second-highest payroll in the National Football League and they’re the second-worst. Like, this team is atrocious.”

Following the game, Staley’s postgame press conference caught national attention as he ripped into a reporter when he was asked about potentially making a change with the defensive playcalling.

“I’m sorry, your job is to sit up there and answer questions. That man has a right, or that woman has a right to ask any question she wants. You get paid to answer those things,” Ryan said regarding Staley’s presser.

“Alright? Handle it. The reason they’re questioning you is because you’re atrocious on defense. Give it to anybody else. Let somebody else coach, ’cause it ain’t getting done.”

Despite many people calling for Staley to be fired, it’s unlikely that will happen at this point in time, considering ownership has not fired a head coach at midseason. He has seven games to try to turn things around and next is the powerhouse of a team in the Ravens this Sunday night.

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