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“The Bear” star Jeremy Allen White is heating up more than the kitchen.

The actor, who has rocketed to fame playing Carmy on FX’s “The Bear,” appears in his underwear in a new ad campaign for Calvin Klein. Photos appear on Calvin Klein’s and White’s Instagram pages, and let’s just say the shots left fans hungry for more to go along with their need to drink after checking out this thirst trap.

In one black-and-white photo, White, who currently stars on the big screen in “The Iron Claw,” seductively stares into the camera, while tugging his right thumb on his skivvies.

In another picture, he slinks down on a couch, presumably on a rooftop, with other buildings in the distance. His jeans are partially pulled down, exposing his underwear, while his left arm rests along his forehead, as if he may have gotten a wee bit too much sun.

The pictures sent mesmerized fans into a tizzy.

“I want him to wreck my life and I would actually say thank you,” one person joked.

“Let us breathe Jeremy,” wrote someone else.

“This is the ONLY thing I want to see when I open up IG from now on,” one fan gushed.

Other people made sure to reference White’s work on “The Bear.”

“Better wash those hands before you enter the kitchen,” read one comment.

“YES CHEF,” read another comment, with a fire emoji.

And a few people were miffed that while we see a lot of White, there’s one part we conspicuously don’t see.

“Am I crazy or is there no belly button?” one person asked.

Another trio of blackandwhite photos shared by Calvin Klein capture White wearing white boxer briefs, including one photo of what appears to be the actor lying down on scaffolding atop a building.

“Can I just print the second photo and put it on my living room?” one commenter wrote.

“I can’t breathe,” someone else raved.

“Dear CK, Thank you for bringing back good advertising,” a grateful fan commented.

The photos for the ad campaign were shot in White’s hometown of New York City. He admits he was nervous before stepping in front of the camera.

“In my head, I was just like, ‘I can’t see myself on a billboard. I shouldn’t be here,’” he told “Just real imposter syndrome.”

He’s also proud to be part of the Calvin Klein family.

“They’ve done such a beautiful job with these campaigns for so long,” he said. “They always get really interesting people.”

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