Spelman College $100 million donation from Ronda Stryker is largest ever

Spelman College, the nation’s oldest historically Black college for women, has received its largest donation of $100 million from businesswoman and philanthropist Ronda Stryker and her husband, William Johnston, the chairman of Greenleaf Trust.

“As a student, I experienced the power of this historic institution and how it transforms the futures of talented young women,” said Board Chair, Lovette Russell, as she addressed the student body with the announcement. “I know that some of the brightest young women who dream about coming to Spelman are facing financial hardships and barriers toward higher education. What I am sharing with you today is a major step to ensure more young women can achieve their dreams.”

$100 million as Spelman celebrates 100 years

The $100 million comes as the college celebrates 100 years since its official name change from Spelman Baptist Seminary in Sept. 1924.

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