We Have Our First Recorded Case of Kendall Jenner–Bad Bunny PDA

When I first heard that my beloved Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, a.k.a. Bad Bunny, was dating Kendall Jenner, I was mildly upset. I have nothing whatsoever against Jenner (although I think she should, ahem, date Taylor Swift or at least Cara Delevingne), but I have stratospherically high standards for the singer of “Tití Me Preguntó,” and Kardashian-Jenner relationships aren’t always known for lasting the test of time. However, once I saw the couple riding a horse together, I started to feel like there might just be something there. (Did the horseback ride look comfortable or sexy? Not particularly, but the mere fact of embarking upon it shows initiative.)

Jenner and Bad Bunny have now been together for about six months (mazel, kids!), and they cemented the relationship on Sunday night by “making out” (quotes courtesy of the Daily Mail, which has apparently never heard of kissing?) at a Drake concert (canonically queer!)—a moment that TikTok user @bombbere was generous enough to record for posterity:

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This isn’t the most extreme PDA I’ve ever seen, obviously, but there’s something genuinely—dare I say it?—sexy about the way Bad Bunny encircles Kendall’s waist with his arm as they whisper to each other. Is their body language kind of awkward before that? Yes, but in a cute way. God help me, am I starting to…ship this pair? Do I…want what they have? Okay, let’s maybe not go quite that far, but I definitely somewhat appreciate what they have. They’re still in their no-comment era as a couple, but I hear Kris Jenner–engineered wedding bells in the future!

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